HoshiDict launched and app publicity

HoshiDict has finally hit the Windows marketplace last week after several months of development (well, it was more a week or so of development, then a week of not working on it, followed by a week of development, and repeat). An ad-free version of Tap2Trans Browser was released as well. Check out the links at the top of this page to see the apps.

One thing I noticed with Tap2Trans Browser is that it’s much more difficult getting the attention of users for Windows Phone as opposed to webOS. I remember when I launched HoshiDict for webOS last year and all that was required for users to take notice was a single forum post at PreCentral to get noticed. Within a few weeks, many bulletin board threads and blog posts on various websites (mainly non-English speaking ones) were created describing HoshiDict and its features. Touch2Pc Printer, a Windows app that I developed last fall to enable printing to any printer from an HP TouchPad, also became relatively popular with little effort on my part.

Maybe this was because webOS never really had a large app marketplace, so a given developer’s app probably had a much higher chance of being noticed. Or maybe it’s because I used the PreCentral forums as the sole outlet for information about my apps. After all, PreCentral seems to be the most popular webOS community on the web, so any exposure there would have the greatest impact. Or maybe I was just lucky with webOS.

Whatever the reason, it seems that my advertising strategy for webOS is not the norm and I’ll have to step up my efforts of getting the attention of potential users of my WP7 apps.

That being said, look for a Youtube video sometime in the next week or so showing off the features of HoshiDict and Tap2Trans Browser :-)

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