Need to send a quick e-mail from your tablet but don’t have a Wifi connection available? ConnectionShare allows you to share your Window Phone’s cellular data connection with other devices so you don’t need to rely on having a Wifi internet connection to use your other devices.

Due to limitations with the features that are available to Windows Phone developers, ConnectionShare cannot create its own Wifi network for your devices to connect to, but you can easily set up a virtual Wifi network using several free applications (see for an excellent example).

After creating a Wifi network, connect your Windows Phone to the network and start ConnectionShare. Then configure your web browser/application to use the displayed IP address/port as the proxy server address. After that, you will be able to browse the web from any device using your phone’s cellular connection!

Although this app is advertised as using location services (GPS), it only uses location services so it can run in the background. Any collected location information is immediately discarded.

This app comes with a limited 7-day trial so you can evaluate the app before buying. You can download ConnectionShare at

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